I-Force Series High Power Speech Intelligibility

The i-FORCE™ HPSA by ASC is designed for community. Industrial nuclear, petrochemical, or other applications that require high levels of sound pressure level output with superb acoustical performance and brilliant voice notification broadcasting. 

The i-FORCE™ HPSA can be activated locally or from a central point using radio or land line. Multiple sirens can be activated from a central point. An encoder located at the central point transmits activation codes to the siren decoder that initiates the proper tones or pre-recorded voice messages. The electronic control decoders arc programmable for various tone out protocols, including TTTS/DTMF/FSK. Any of 10 standard or 6 optional customized tones can be activated.


Models IForce-1600 & IForce-3200 produce 115 and 126 decibels respectively, tested in free field non-reflective measurement environments with repeatable results. Applications Include omni-directional or quadrant configurations for 90*-360° coverage patterns. The color-impregnated fiberglass siren horns endure severe weather conditions, are maintenance free, and will not rust or require painting. The Electronic Controls have a self-contained, regulated battery charging system that assures full siren operation during AC outages. The control charging unit requires a nominal 120 VAC 50/60Hz power with 5 amp service.

The gray siren horn color remains aesthetically pleasing and the low silhouette siren design discourages vandalism.

The IForce-3200 siren provides a sound pressure level of 70 decibels for approximately 1 radial mile, subject to weather conditions.

The optional electronic controls include 6 push buttons for local, manual operation of the siren, to initiate & variety of tones or prerecorded messages. LEDs provide component or power service status information. The amplifiers are individually fused and switchable between hi and low outputs (from 100 watts to 6 watts per speaker driver), for testing
and servicing without the necessity of hearing protection The electronic control is encased in a lockable, outdoor-use-rated IM EMA enclosure. Special cabinets rated for specific environments are available upon request.

The rechargeable batteries are encased in a separate, lockable, maintenance-free enclosure, designed to Isolate and prevent any battery fumes from damaging electrical components.

Each electronic control includes an RS-232 port for field programming of tones and time duration. The 6 custom programmable tones can be software programmed to generate almost any tone or tone sequence. MACROs, customized tones and pre-recorded messages in repeated play cycles, and new tones, can be field programmed as your needs change.

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