Tremco Police Products anti-theft system police package has solved the problem of police vehicle theft when the engine is left running. When personnel pull up to an emergency situation, they place the shifter into the "park" position. The Tremco Integrated Anti-Theft System automatically activates when the shift lever is in "park" position protecting the vehicle from drive-away theft. A would-be thief cannot pull the shift lever out of the "park" position. When personnel return to the vehicle, they instantly deactivate the system and are on their way. It is 100% reliable, convenient for the user, and inexpensive. This system also gives 24 hour protection to your vehicles when not in service. If the vehicle is not in use and the key lock is destroyed, the shifter will not release. For the past 15 years, this police tool has protected thousands of agency vehicles from the liability of chases, fatalities, damage to vehicles, and loss of weapons. Take a look at some news clippings or published articles. Our unique camouflage system blends in with the surrounding components for convenient everyday use. And for all police package vehicles, the system plugs into existing harnesses. No cutting or splicing wires means a quick, safe installation that will not void existing vehicle manufacturer warranties.

The Tremco Police Package Anti-Theft System:
- Gives officers the ability to leave the car running unattended
- Allows emergency lighting
- Provides more security
- Is inexpensive
- Easy installation in less than ten minutes!

Tremco Police Products is the world leader of specialty vehicle Anti-Theft Systems. For two decades Tremco Products Anti-Theft systems have been included in the specifications for Federal, State, and local Government vehicles. The Tremco Anti-Theft system is designed specifically for police vehicles. Contact PSECO for pricing.

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