The worlds only hands free 100% concealed light
source for your uniform shirt pocket!

QUIQLITE Inc. is a progressive company founded by Brian Quittner, a 15 year California law Enforcement veteran.  QuiqLite was invented after recognizing the need for a hands-free concealed light source that could fit into a uniform shirt pocket for reading and writing in the dark.

Because of QuiqLite’s unique design and ease of use, QuiqLite Inc. has become a known and trusted name in the world of public safety. To date more than ½ million Police Officers, Paramedics, Firefighters, Military and many others use and depend on QuiqLite Products worldwide to make their jobs easier and safer! We make it a point to understand and fulfill the needs of Law Enforcement officers working in the field. Our products have been field tested in a variety of applications from casual contacts, tactical applications, to off shore rescue boat operations during extreme conditions. Unlike other tactical flashlights that
impair your night vision by producing too much light, our products are specifically designed to keep your night vision in-tact!

What Makes Us Different From The Rest? We manufacture the worlds only hands-free 100% concealed light source for your uniform shirt pocket or tactical vest!

QuiqLite’s Sleek Design
comfortably clips into your uniform shirt pocket concealed under the lapel or clips into the molle webbing of your tactical vest.


Our Products Are Smart! All of our products incorporate a programmable computer circuit that offers an officer a safety 10 minute auto-off feature. Our new products also include a continual safety strobe that can be seen up to one mile away, for those situations when you need to be seen or found!


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