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Since 1968, Pro-gard Products has provided the safest, most durable law enforcement products designed to perform on the open road.  We take pride in the craftsmanship and quality that goes into making our products the safest and most reliable in the industry.  Pro-gard is proud to offer our products to the entire United States as well as many foreign markets.  As a company we can provide everythNEW Universal Car Partition that can be moved from one vehicle to another with a transfer you will need to protect yourself and your vehicle from the uncertainties that happen each and every day.  See for yourself why more and more law enforcement agencies are turning to Pro-gard for protection. Some of Pro-gard’s many products include: Partitions, Gun Racks, Pro-Cell, Window Armor, ABS Seats, Organizers, Push Bumpers, Skid Plates, Ballistic Door Panels, Cargo Cabinets, AOI Airbag on/off Switch, & Safestop Vehicle Anti-Theft. Use the links below for Pro-gard products catalogs and brochures. Contact PSECO for pricing.

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AOI Electrical
An air bag deployment is a true “Event.” It is appreciated when needed…dangerous and costly when not. Two-thirds of your cruiser’s front seat is lost to passenger air bag concerns. An air bag module is an explosive device. Anything in its path will be negatively affected, Including Windshields. Studies have s
hown that 1/3 of Crown Victoria and almost 100% of Impala windshields will be shattered. Where are your video cameras and radar guns located? Laptops are air bag compliant, Only When Their Mounts Are Properly Stowed. In the laptop’s working position, They Will Be Impacted. Anything not firmly secured will be hurled throughout the vehicle’s interior. The Airbag Switch solves these serious issues.

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SafeStop is a unique vehicle anti-theft system that not only protects the vehicle from being stolen but can also protect weapons and trunk contents as well. Our patented vehicle anti-theft system has the ability to protect the vehicle not only when running but also when it is shut down. Although the system is designed to remain on at all times, it can be shut off or on at your convenience with a simple toggle switch. With the system on, the anti-theft functions are activated whenever the key is out of the ignition. Activating the anti-theft system with a natural movement means there are no additional steps to remember when exiting the vehicle in a hurry. The added benefits of the trunk and gun rack lock secure features provide further peace of mind in a tense situation by eliminating access to weapons via the gun lock momentary switch or trunk release button. Additional benefits of a brake pedal engine kill and the ability to wire to system to activate with the lightbar or siren make this an even more accommodating piece of equipment that can be easily integrated into any fleet of vehicles.

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