Cost-effective fingerprint products for business, government and law enforcement agencies. Identicator's products are used worldwide by government agencies, the military, and by leading financial, retail and service institutions. These products are designed to deter fraud and produce positive identification in many different applications. Identicator has earned a reputation as one of the most responsive companies in the forensic community. Identicator produces many unique products for various specialized investigative and evidence collection applications. Whether Inkless, Perfect Ink , child identification, baby foot printing, single digit endorsement, enrollment by mail or custom application, the common denominator of these systems is that they are simple to operate, clean, and cost-effective. All products produce non-smearing, instantly permanent, black prints acceptable to the FBI for scanning, classification, search and retention. Contact PSECO for pricing.

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Safariland takes pride in saving lives by providing the most recognized and trusted law enforcement and security products in the world. For more than forty years, Safariland has built upon its technical expertise in soft and hard armor to design high-quality, dependable solutions under its four legacy brands.

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