Since 1968 Hogue has produced the finest handgun stocks available, and are proud of it. They know exactly how to make great firearm products that not only look good but function and fit properly as well. Months and even years go into designing and testing all of our products, assuring that they fit, function and perform properly. All Hogue products come with over 40 years of experience and are designed with features that contribute to exceptional accuracy, comfort, and recoil control. Hogue’s patented features add up to better accuracy and more comfortable shooting whether in competition, field, or actual combat shooting. Many championship shooters, as well as law enforcement officers, use and praise Hogue products. Hogue grips have been widely accepted and used for years by law enforcement agencies and as original equipment by most leading handgun manufacturers. From basic concepts to design execution, Hogue's manufacturing processes include the best ideas, finest materials, and finishing all of which we do ourselves, in our family owned facilities.

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