The E-Class voice HPSA is full configurable for a wide range of applications and coverage patterns, from directional 90, 180, 270, to a full 360 omni-directional sound propagation. Each 400 Watt speaker array is directly interfaced to a 400 Watt power amplifier for clear siren tone and voice communication. For a powerful yet economical voice/siren system E-Class will meet your needs.


Siren Models EC1 through EC-12 produce 121 up to 128 decibels respectively, tested in free field non- reflective measurement environments with repeatable results. Applications include omni-directional or quadrant configurations for 90*-360* coverage patterns. The spun aluminum re-entrant siren horns endure severe weather conditions. Are maintenance Free, and will not rust or require painting. The Electronic Controls have a self contained, regulated battery charging system that assures full siren operation during AC outages The control charging unit requires a nominal 120 VAC 50/60Hz power with 5 amp service. The tan siren horn color remains aesthetically pleasing and the tow silhouette siren design discourages vandalism.

The optional electronic controls include 6 push buttons for local, manual operation of the siren, to initiate a variety of tones or prerecorded messages. LEDs provide component or power service status information. The amplifiers are individually fused and switchable between hi and low outputs (from 100 watts to 6 watts per speaker driver), for testing and servicing without the necessity of hearing protection The electronic control is encased in a lockable, outdoor-use-rated NEMA enclosure. Special cabinets rated for specific environments are available upon request.

The Rechargeable batteries are encased in a separate, lockable, maintenance-free-enclosure, designed to isolate and prevent any battery fumes from damaging electrical components. The recommended low maintenance 12 VDC deep cycle marine-type batteries are optional.

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E-Class Alert Signal

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