We have taken everything you have come to expect in a Benchmade and reapplied it so that a much broader mix of knife users now have the opportunity to appreciate what has fast become an icon in cutting-tool performance. You get innovative designs from some of the top name custom knife makers in the world, patented Benchmade exclusive mechanisms, upscaled materials and notably superior standards in manufactured quality no matter whether we build it ourselves or have it built for us.

To make things easier we have segmented the Benchmade brand into product classes for easier distinction of product throughout the line. They are as follows:


Gold Class - Our Gold Class clearly sets the new standard of what is possible in premium knife manufacturing. It’s quite simply the best of the best. Made in USA.


Blue Class - Our Blue Class represents the heart of everything that is Benchmade. These USA made products are designed and built for the individual who appreciates the difference that a high-quality cutting tool can make. Made in USA.


Black Class - Our Black Class products are designed, developed and tested for extreme duty. They are the preferred cutting tools for Law Enforcement, Public Safety and Elite Military Troops around the globe. Made in USA.



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